ReAct ”Last call” (INT)

ReAct ”Last call” (INT)

ReAct ”Last call” (INT)

Low battery, no charger. We look at our phone in fear. 0%… shutdown. Panic!

A phone booth… we can call from a phone booth. There used to be one in every corner, there must be some left. Except… there are none!

40 years ago there were 44,000 phone booths in Sweden. In 2015 that number became zero. Like the Neanderthals vanished in face of the Homo Sapiens, so was the phone booth overcome by the mobile phone. which now struggles with the rise of the smartphone. Communication has evolved, social behaviors have evolved… the rules of the game have changed.

What would happen if there was a phone booth right here, right now? Would we survive the fusion of 2 time eras?

Last Call is an interactive street performance that follows the flow of today’s communication by allowing the audience to call our phone booth and influence the performance. From a humorous standpoint and using dance, movement and physical theater, we question the way we communicate today, how we behave in our social circles and how we are influenced by our phones, always drawing parallels between the “now” and the “then”.

Now: smartphones in every pocket, last minute changes, instant access to everyone you know at any time.

Then: phone booths in every corner, meeting times and places that were set in stone, disagreements that didn’t end with a quick internet search for the right answer.

Can we go back to a simpler time when the “phone booth” was not always in our pockets?

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