The Primitives (DE, USA & GB)

The Primitives (DE, USA & GB)

The Primitives (DE, USA & GB)


Three middle aged men appear. They are dressed in suits. They have something to deli- ver…. but cannot seem to remember

… what?….nor where?……nor to whom? 

Lost and confused, they stumble, dance, run and fall in chorus, clinging to each other for dear life, whilst desperately trying to hold things together and accomplish their forgot- ten goal.

“Please switch off your mobile phone….. please switch off your brain!”

Thus begins the performance of the trio Three of a Kind. An invitation to the audience to open their minds and plunge into an absurdly comic piece of movement theatre, that is playful, emotional and completely spontaneous. It’s a world where no two performances are ever the same, each one unfolding instinctively at that very moment in that space. If one thing is certain, it’s that anything is possible and the only rule is that there are no rules. Three of a Kind – one big surrealistic joyride.

Three of a Kind are Markus Siebert, alias Knäcke, clown and comedian from Bremen (D) and the Belgian-based performers Craig Weston (US) and Gordon Wilson (GB), also known as The Primitives. In total the 3 of them have been playing around the globe for 90 odd years.

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